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Personal writing (1993 - 2003)

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Australia is still the world's number one greenhouse gasser per capita.

One way to cut down on your car use is, oddly enough, to rent one.

Meanwhile, I've been cycling a lot further to work lately. One route I take goes through the Wolli Creek Valley.

Unix configuration needs to get easier.

Sometimes I rabbit on for hours about indymedia and media activist history. Sometimes someone has the decency to edit me down a little. And now in June 2002 some of my ramblings have even ended up in a book! It's called Future Active, and I quite like it. Graham Meikle gets it, in a way that so much writing about the net fails to do. More recently Graham wrote an article Indymedia and The New Net News which summarises some of the issues in the book and updates things a little to mention open editing.

There's more to webcasting than meets the eye, I think it's the art of frozen media nuggets. Here's why I volunteered my time to indymedia. And here's how I think indymedia could evolve into a decentralised network that supports creativity, collaboration and diversity.

I turned the contrast up to eleven when I wrote open publishing is the same as free software.

How nutritous is your media diet? Are you keeping a balanced media pyramid?

Evolution of open source - exhibit X: The means to an X for Linux.

Someone says: "A computer is a bicycle for your mind."

The Australian government wants to turn the internet into censor-net. I say, "censor-not!"

Stop paying tax today. It's easy.

My take on the death of broadcasting.

Does the internet make you depressed?

NT. Does it stand for the New Titanic? Here's an idea on how to hit NT 5 on the head before it's even across the starting line.

Ever witnessed Betamax logic? As seen on slashdot.

I wrote a thing about care and feeding for mailing lists.

Concerned about network security? Switch to the Scissors Solution today!

My web portfolio as of 1999.

Trying to avoid becoming a cyberspud. It's better to be there, if you can.

Some almost ancient history.

Work and research