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Things that sound exciting

Check out the communication for community survival conference, March 7-9, 1997 in Canada. Live links feedback etc. Let's do useful stuff!

3 judges in the US have upheld free speech and thrown out censorship laws. Here's their well worded conclusion. Thankfully, the Australian Attorney-Generals have chilled on their censorship plans. Meanwhile, an appeal against the CDA knockdown is in progress...


I wrote up some comparisons I've been doing between different surface rendering techniques for reflection confocal images.


Drinking the air. Changing the shower rose before breakfast.

Stretch your mind, what would happen after the abolition of work? It's less lazy than you think.

[McSpotlight]Who likes McDonalds? We don't.

Real media, last seen January '96 in Amsterdam, at the Next 5 Minutes: Tactical Media conflusion. Video cowboy Enda Yashimoto has written a cool rave-up about the conference, here is the long and the short of it.

[Sun!]Solar Hot Water is a natural for Australia.

The Tarkine wilderness in NW Tassie is under threat.

The EdG sprays into space with a new page about bikes.

Amazing things happen in community television. I've even had something to do with some of it. Amazing can be good. Amazing can be bad.

Recent bamboozling has witnessed Community Access Teknowledgy . There's a CAT TV home page, where some webcasting is happening. Who needs a transmitter, that's yesterday's techno.

  • Info Bill of Rights - yep!
  • There's this NISC thing, they've written a very interesting report called Access, Communication, and Community. It's about making sure the net is truly a community thing, rather than ignoring disadvantaged groups. The net's got a lot of potential, but it's getting more and more obvious we're going to have to get very deliberate about it to realise the dreams about democracy, access & equity.

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