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Last update: March 1998.

A collection of writings relevant to the CAMPsite or inspired by it. Not opinons or policy of the CBAA unless otherwise indicated. They can be viewed as a web page, or saved to your disk as Word documents.

Mailing list care and feeding
March 1998
A successful mailing list needs care and feeding, as well as the technicalities of dealing with the list robot. By Matthew Arnison. View
Citizen's Band
January 1998
Speech mutated into CAMPsite message about how the internet helps communities communicate. By Matthew Arnison. Also, some policy implications. View
Training in the Community Broadcasting Sector
The Federal Department of Communications and the Arts undertook a major survey of the sector's training activities and needs in 1996. This is their report. View
Computer Audio for Community Broadcasters
Report on sound capabilities of computers and how they might be applied at your station. From Terry O'Connor. View
Community Information Network
Dec 1996
A trial of free internet access at 11 community radio stations, March - December, 1996. Managed by the CBAA and funded by the DSS, this is the final report. By Matthew Arnison. Save
New Funding Initiatives (CAN/CBD) for community media:
  • Late 1997: CBF releases consultant's report, decisions on CAN/CBD, and grant application form.

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