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Email discussion list. Last update: March 1998.

Warning: this page is obsolete!
The CAMPsite email list has moved, see
Read on for the way things used to be, way back in 1998 and beyond.(Matthew, June 2002)

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Introducing the CAMPsite...

for Community Access Media People around Australia. Grab your appropriate beverage and take a seat by the fire, this is a camping ground for discussing the issues in community media.

As the flames lick and crackle, you can chat with people in community radio and TV stations, and anyone who wants to join in, about production, policy, volunteers, management, funding, technical issues, and whether wood fires are environmentally correct.

Well, it's really just an email mailing list, but a little imagination never hurts. Here's how it works:

This is a concrete way for everyone in community media in Australia to get together and discuss things online. Brought to you by the CBAA and Pegasus Networks, with help from the DSS Community Information Network project. I am maintaining it on a voluntary basis on behalf of the CBAA.

To see what more than 100 people around the fire are talking about, without joining in, check out Curtin University's campfire archive.

There are three ways to get on and off this list:

  1. The easiest way is to use these buttons:
  2. A trickier way is to send a message to, with the subject line blank, and the following in the body of the message:
  3. subscribe CAMP-L

  4. Ask me to put you on!

You'll receive a note saying you're on the list, and explaining how to use it.

To send a message to everyone around the fire, address it to:

Note that's CAMP-L, where the L stands for List.

If you have any problems or questions, you can contact me on email or via the CBAA.

Hope to see you by the fire!


Frank Calabrese <>

Volunteer Maintainer of:
CAMPsite - Community Access Media People
To share your thoughts by the fire,
address your message to
Community Broadcasting Association Australia -

Relevant Mailing Lists

Based in the US, there is busy discussion on this list between community cable TV stations. To subscribe, send a message to with subscribe access in the body of the message.
This list is no more, it's been replaced by the Access list, above.
* Participatory and Community Media for Development and Democracy
Devmedia began as an Internet listserve in 1994 to help with the exchange of information on "Media for Development and Democracy." Now, with Devmedia Links! it has a web site component. List members and Devmedia Links! users generally include people interested in participatory and community uses of media: radio, video TV, and the Internet.

Relevant Newsgroups
Australians discussing broadcast radio; includes some discussion of community radio.
Australians discussing community TV, not used very often, but occaisionally flares up.
Largely American discussion of radio stations, but some international discussion occurs.
Largely American discussion of community TV.
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